Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now this is more like it

No massive suckouts the last couple days. And I'm back in the green for the month.

I flopped 4 sets this morning, but didn't get paid off in any of them. Two of them were when I was the PF raiser, and they both folded to my c-bets. And the other two was me calling a raise from the blinds (Along with another caller). I checked, hoping for a raise by one of the two people behind me to act, but both times it checked through. Then I led out and bet the turn, and the both folded both times. Yuck.

Not too many interesting hands. Here are two:
Villain was a total donk, running at 70/19. Would you raise the river here?
Do you raise again on that flop? Obviously the river is my gin card. Not sure what I would have done on a blank river. Probably just check/call? What do you think of my play? Should I have checked the river? Oh, and LOL @ his river call. WTF?


I am planning on playing in the Mookie tonight, along with the other regular tournaments. See you there.



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