Friday, November 09, 2007

See! See! I'm not Crazy!

Played a ton of hands the last couple days. about 2200 to be exact. I'm up one hundred. Yippee Skippy.

Still running bad. Here is the PokerEV graph for this month. If I run "normal" (Normal is the red line), I am on pace for my best month ever. Instead, I am just above break even for the month. blah.

The Poker EV graph from End of August until today is pretty pathetic. The red line is $2000 above the blue line. $2000!!!!!1!!!!!!


Not many exciting hands from the last couple days. I'll have to look back and see if there are any interesting ones. My favorite was me getting it all-in PF with AKs vs AKs and losing to runner runner flush.

I also played in the Mookie Wednesday night. I was involved in two big hands. Both of them demonstrating the skill that is par for the course for these blogger tournaments:
  • I'm just under the starting stack size and raise up a mid pocket pair. I get called by someone behind me. Flop is KJ2 rainbow. I bet about 2/3 pot and get called. So I shut down and we check it through the Ace turn and blank river. He has AQ. So he called my c-bet with a gutshot and one over. Then hit his over and never bet. Bravo.
  • And then, right after the first break, and me being short and having only 8 Big Blinds or so. There is a limper and I push my J9s. I get quickly called by the limper and he has..... A7o! Limping with Ace-rag in early position when the blinds are starting to get up there. That's a winning play!
Hopefully the Boomswitch gets turned on over at Full Tilt soon.



At 1:35 PM , Blogger Kamil said...

Hey PF, how are you creating the EV charts? I've gone nuts trying to find it in PokerTracker but no luck. :(


At 2:01 PM , Blogger PokerFool said...

It is a seperate program. Get it at It's free!


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