Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7 Month Review

I've been playing poker over at Full Tilt full time now for 7 months. So I thought I would go through my stats/graphs of my cash game play and put up a review post. I think it is good to do this every once in a while and see how you are progressing as a poker player.

I don't have a pic handy, but here are the stats for April
  • 9617 hands @ 100NL
  • Profit of $843.49 = 8.77 BB/100 ( 4.39 ptbb/100)
  • VP$Ip = 20.1; PFR% = 14.2







Grpahs (I have two databases, so two graphs)

So, I've played:
  • 64,786 hands at 100NL 6 max. I have made $6,853.55. That is 10.58 BB/100 (or 5.29 ptbb/100).
  • 18,796 hands at 200NL 6 max. I have lost $443.20. That is -1.18 BB/100 (or -0.59 ptbb/100)
That's pretty good from what I hear for 100NL. But yuck @ the 200NL stats. Why can't I beat 200NL? Man this is frustrating.

I like that first graph. A nice steady upward climb (That graph consists of 41K hands @100NL, and only 6400 hands at 200NL). That second graph is ugly (24K @ 100NL, 12.4K @ 200NL). Holy Up and Down Batman!

Not sure where to go from here. I want to improve as a poker player, but I also want to make some nice spending money. I could make a lot more money 6 tabling 100NL than I could 4 tabling 200NL. But would I improve as a poker player? Can a casual player do well playing 400NL and higher? Am I just on a downswing and things will eventually turn around (Look at my pokerEV graph a few posts down)?

What I think I need is a coach. But I don't think I can justify the price tag of one when I only play 10 hours a week. Maybe a study partner? Someone who plays 100NL - 400NL, with extra free time to burn, where we could go over each others Hand History sessions?


A couple frustrating hands from yesterday:

a 24/12 guy in the Cutoff open raises. I 3-bet from the Button with AQ and he calls. Flop comes 952 with two hearts. He checks, I c-bet and he calls. A non-heart King comes off. That's a good card for me I think. I could definitely rep AK here. I would think I could get any hand (Except for slowplayed AA or KK) to fold there. I would think TT-JJ would fold also, since there is now an overcard, plus I am showing a lot of strength. But he check/calls. WTF does he have here? 99? jeez, I would think AA or KK would raise somewhere in there. River is some blank and I check behind. What does he have? 96o. ya, figure that one out. So he put me exactly on the hand that he beats?

Another AQ hand. This time against a calling station fish. I open raise with my AQ and he calls in position. Flop comes Q63 with two spades. I bet pot, and he calls. I know he is drawing. Turn is a non-spade blank. I bet pot again and he calls. River is a 5. Not a spade. I have about a pot size bet, but I check trying to induce a bet from a missed flush draw. He obliges and pushes and I call. Cards get flipped over, and yes, I am right. he does have two spades and was drawing. but the chips slide his way! WTF? He had 74 of spades and the 5 gave him his gutshot straight.

Add that to the two set vs overpair losses the last couple days, and you can see how my poker has been going.

I know, I know. Quit being results orientated. *grumble* *grumble*

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At 1:49 PM , Blogger TripJax said...

Gotta play in the skin you feel comfortable in. For now that seems to be 100NL. Eventually it will be 200NL, but until you don't question yourself on it, it is clearly not the way to go. That's my two cents.

Good luck with finding a coach and keep up the very nice numbers...

At 3:00 PM , Blogger PokerFool said...

Hey Tripjax, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comment.

You'd think that after playing and beating 100NL regularly for over a year and a half, plus having about 11G's in my online roll (which is more than enough for 200NL), that I'd be able to move up and comfortably play 200NL. LOL


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