Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend Hijinks

I played a decent amount of poker the weekend, and did really well. Losing streak over maybe? I sure hope so.

I played in my very first Omaha Tournament this weekend. It was the nightly $24+2, $4,000 guaranteed at Full Tilt.

4th place and a nice $400 profit. I even had to take a 20 minute break when it was down to 12 people to go pick up my wife at the bar, ha! I left with an M of around 10 and in 6th place. I got back, and it was down to 8 people, and my stack had been cut in half but still in 6th place. I stayed around until it was down to 4, and then pushed with a JJxx one suit hand and was called by a QQxx hand. I flopped a flush draw, but didn't hit any of my outs.

I did look back at the hand history to see if I missed any big hands, and there was one hand where I was dealt a good AAxx hand, and would have lost on the river. So it turns out that having to take that 20 minute break made me an extra $300!

Cash games went pretty good this weekend also. It was very up and down at first, but in the end, I came out ahead $600 or so.

I even played some Omaha Hi cash games, and turned a nice $150 profit there. I am really liking the Omaha games, and I think I will have to check out some of the Omaha CardRunners videos.

So all-in-all, a very profitable weekend. Somewhere around one grand in profit. Very Nice!


A few interesting hands from this weekend.

This is against a 21/16 regular. Should I check the turn to induce a bet from him? Or just keep playing it fast?

Against another very aggressive regular running at 20/15 and aggression factors of 3/3/1.9/1.8. I flop Top Pair, plus a flush draw, plus a gutshot. If he has an overpair, I have 18 outs. Is my push ok?

Against a 50/10 donk. I checked the river planning on check-raising all-in. He checks behind with the nuts. LOL!


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At 12:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the last hand: clearly, AT is the nuts.


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