Thursday, June 28, 2007

June is pretty much breakeven

Sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing really too exciting to report on the poker front. I'm playing a decent amount, but I'm not winning as much as I was. I am up just a couple buy-ins for the month. I'll have to have some really good days here the rest of the month to break my monthly average of $1000 (Including bonus/rakeback).

The last week or so has consisted of two really good days, followed by two crappy days. The last two days have been pretty bad. I cant hit for crap, and I am getting sucked out constantly. Yesterday, I got AK and AQ a total of 17 times where I saw a flop. I hit an A, K (or Q if I had AQ) a total of 3 times. 43 pairs, and only 3 sets (with of course one losing to a hit gutshot).

I did play some tournaments last night. I made it to the final table of The Mookie (but didn't cash), and then cashed in two others, the $10 rebuy at Stars, and the $10 rebuy at Full Tilt. I went out in the Stars about 50 people after the bubble burst. I pushed in the cutoff with A4o (I had about 8 BBs left) and some clown in the BB called off a third of his stack with 65o and of course won. I like these rebuys tournaments, and have made it deep the last couple time playing them. Plus, I never had to rebuy in either of the them last night!

I also played in PokerStars 10 PM EST $15+1.5. I went out with about a third of the way through. Blinds are 25/50 and I find AA in middle position (my stack is 1760). There were two limpers and I bump it to 300. the BB and one of the limpers called. Flop was T32 rainbow. Pot is at about 1000, and the limper leads out for 300. I triple his raise, and he pushes and I obviously call. He has 62o. And the river is a 6. gg me.

I also made it deep in the 26k guaranteed busting out just before the bubble. I had some very loose donk sitting right behind me, and he called my push of AKs with 87o and won. There was a raise in front of me, and I pushed with an M of around 10, and this guy calls with 87o, lol.

All that time playing MTTs, and I profited a whopping $25. Not sure why I bother tournaments anymore (Don't I always say this?). Aren't I due for a big score?


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