Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not Much Going On

Took a mini-vacation last weekend, so I haven't played all that much poker. Maybe only 4000 hands so far this month, and I am down just a couple buy-ins.

I've been kinda bored by poker the last couple days, and it has crept into my game some. Because when I am bored, I try and do something to liven it up, and that means playing a lot looser. And when you play more of a LAG (Loose Aggressive) game, your variance goes up. Plus, I'm not hitting any of my draws, and I am not getting paid off on my flopped sets.

I have played about 4000 hands, and I have only flopped sets 16 times. The most I've won from those 16 sets is $69, $49, $27, and $20. Average profit from my sets is only about $8. That sucks big time. I think there have only been 5 of those 16 where I even saw a turn card and 3 seeing a showdown. Blah.


For some reason, I've watched most of the NBA Finals games this year. What a boring series. I don't think it can get much worse? Sure, San Antonio is a good team, but they are boring as heck. It sure would have been nice to see Phoenix and Chicago in the finals. Or Lebron James actually playing good basketball.


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