Monday, October 23, 2006

Come Join my Fantasy Basketball League!!

Bill Frist says it is ok to bet on Fantasy Sports (and horse races and lotteries. This kind of gambling is ok. Not poker), so I set up a Fantasy Basketball League.

I actually think that Fantasy Basketball is much more fun than Fantasy Football. So if you are an NBA fan, or just like basketball in general, come out and have some fun.

I set up the league over at Yahoo. It's free, and they software is really easy to use. This will be a Live online draft, scheduled for Tuesday Oct 31st at 9 PM CST. This was the only time available for a live draft in the evening between now and the start of the season. And I figured, that for those of us who have kids, it will be dark already and the trick or treating will be done already. BUT... if you can't make the live draft, you can still play! Just go into your team page and you can set up a ranking sheet, and you will automatically draft. There are plenty of good ranking sheets over at ESPN and sites like that.

To sign up, go on over to Yahoo's Fantasy Sports page. Then click the Sign up Now button (You'll have to log into Yahoo or sign up for a Yahoo account somewhere in here). Then accept the terms and conditions by hitting the Agree button. Then click the Join League button. The click the Join Custom button. Enter in the following in the League ID and password field:

League ID: 144769
Password: hammer

There you go! Hopefully we can get a good 8-12 people for this. It should be fun!



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