Monday, September 25, 2006

Up And Down

It's funny how up and down poker can be. The first week of September was very up for me. I was playing pretty good poker, wasn't tilting, and making some money. The the next week everything went south. I wasn't hitting any big hands, I was getting sucked out on, and then I tilted a little bit. That week was probably my worst week of playing poker ever.

Then I took a short break, and came back and played over at BoDog. From Tuesday through Friday, I was doing awesome. I was hitting some big hands, and there were many donks waiting to pay me off. All the hands that I was supposed to win held up. In those four days, I was up over $1100.

And then this weekend, it was like the flip of a switch (Thankfully I am still up for the weekend, only about $100 though). I was still playing good poker, but the donks started to get lucky. There were three huge pots I lost this weekend, where if I won those, I would be up $900 for the weekend. Those three hands consisted of two 4-outers, and one 2-outer, all on the river, and all of them coming when all the money got in prior to that river card.

I didn't go on tilt when these hands happened. I would play them the exact same way every time. I WANTED my opponent to call all those bets. To get their money in with the worst of it. That's all I have to care about. I think that is one thing that I am improving in my poker game. Don't be results oriented. Just make sure you are making the correct decisions and forcing your opponents to make mistakes.

Those four and two outer are going to happen 9% and 5% of the time. Kind of like the Minnesota Vikings offense. They only have a 5% change of scoring a Touchdown, but it will happen every once in a while.


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