Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looks like bonus chasing is gonna dry up

Hi folks. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Haven't really played all that much poker lately. I haven't played at night for quite a while, mainly do to having to play on a laptop the last couple weeks. I did finally get a new PC on Monday, so hopefully that will change. Though with all that has been going on in the poker world, I'm not sure how profitable playing will be here in the future.

With all of these sites not allowing US customers, it is pretty safe to say that bonus dollars for me will really dry up. That really sucks for me, because the last couple months, I'm pretty much a break even player. I've really only made money the last couple months with bonuses.

So what to do? I've cashed out a good portion of my roll. I think I have about 4 G's left online. I'll probably withdraw a little bit more this week too. I'll continue to play, as long as I can still easily move money around to the few sites I'll be playing at. I will probably switch between Full Tilt, BoDog, and Doyle's. I might add absolute to that list, but I would want to cancel my existing account and get a new account with rakeback.

On the poker playing front, I haven't done too much the last week or so. I've been playing at Party Poker and have cleared their latest bonus. Other than the bonus money, I am right around even. I think Party Poker flipped the "Don't flop any sets" button on me. I haven't flopped a set in about a week (probably 1500 or so hands). I'll probably withdraw out of there today and deposit over at Full Tilt for the latest reload bonus.

Here are a couple interesting hands from this morning.

I get AK on the button at a 200NL table. Someone in middle position bets it up to 4x BB after 2 limpers. I decide to raise it up with my AK. I pump it to $25. The limpers fold and the PF better calls. Flop is AKJ rainbow. He checks and with about $55 in the pot, I bet $36. What do you do if he raises? What if he just calls?

On a 100NL table, I get QQ in middle position and bet it up to 4x BB ($4). The button raises it to $20. That's a pretty hefty raise there. I don't think AA or KK raises it this much, but it is definitely possible. I decide to just call here. So there is $43 in the pot. Flop is something like 4h, 8s, 9s. I check, and he bets $20 leaving him $50 behind (I cover). I decide to just call again here. Turn pairs the board ( I think it was the 8c). I decide to check again here, because I think I am ahead here. So there is $90 in the pot and he pushes the rest of his stack in. $50 for me to call to win $140. I make the call and he flips over AK and the river doesn't help him and I drag a nice pot. What do you think of my play here? Too passive? Raise the flop?



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