Friday, September 22, 2006

Where the Hell is PokerFool?

No, I'm not dead. I was just taking a break. It first started out as a voluntary break, and turned into a little bit longer involuntary break.

I ended up playing some MTTs on Friday night. I played my usual nightly MTTs: Full Tilts 20k, Party 40k, Stars $10 Rebuy, and a few $20/180 person MTTs. I started out pretty well in most of them. But just got brutalized by the donks. I had pretty decent stacks in the Full Tilt and Party MTTs. I was in the top 10% during the first hour. I busted out of both of them when I had bet PF, flopped top set, and then still lost to runner-runners.

To top it off, later that night I busted out of Sun Poker at a 200NL table. There were 3 limpers, and I raise PF with pocket Jacks, and got 3 callers (pot at $60). Flop was all unders (like 2, 4, 9 rainbow). Donk bets like 1/3 pot, I push the rest of my 3/4 stack in and he calls with 8's.... 8 on turn. Nice play dude.

So I decided to take a little bit of a break. Then on Sunday my hard drive on my computer took a crap. So that extended my poker break for a couple more days. I could just get a new hard drive, but decided it was time for an upgrade. So my new system will be here in the beginning of Oct. I do have a crappy old laptop that I've played poker on the last few days. I haven't played much, but I've been doing pretty well over at BoDog. I love this site. There are always full ring games there that have Flop % of greater than 40%. Some even over 50%!!!

I definitely hate playing poker on a laptop though. Especially an old one. Not enough overlap on the tables. Playing more than two tables at once is -EV.



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