Friday, July 07, 2006

June Results

Here are my June 2006 results. They weren't as good as my previous two months, but I still made over $1,000, so I gotta be happy about that. Again, I mainly played NL cash games, with a few MTT thrown in there highlighted by my big $600 cash in a $20 180 Person MTT. I only played one regular SNG in June, which was a $50 over at Party Poker.

Even though the numbers say I played pretty well, I was still a little disappointed with my June play. I had two huge days where I made over $600. And that is not even including the day I made my MTT score (because I busted out of 66poker that same day). So those two days pretty much was my profit for the whole month. I had SIX days where I lost over $180, with the biggest one being -$307! That's not good. I had nine days where my profit was greater than $100. And seven where I lost more than $100.

June was also my worst bonus month in a long time. I have to go back to November to see a month where I did worse than June in terms of bonus money. I blame that on busting out of 66poker and quitting on Hollywood. I have a couple bonuses already in July that I am working on, so hopefully July will be a big bonus month. There is the Stars one I am working on, the Victor Chandler $500 bonus. Plus I deposited for a bonus at Paradise and I just got an e-mail for another Party Poker Bonus.

Another reason June wasn't as big as the other previous months was that I just didn't play as much. In May, I played about 10,000 hands, with about 130 table hours. In June, I only played 6400 hands, with about 95 table hours. That's a pretty big difference.

Total Profit: $1,335.90

Total Bonuses Received: $309.56
  • BoDog: $50.00
  • PartyPoker: $10.00
  • FullTilt: $15.00 (rakeback)
  • WillHill: $44.56
  • Pacific: $100.00
Total Poker Profit: $1,026.34
  • PokerStars: $323.60
  • PartyPoker: $1,210.68
  • 66poker(B2B): -$767.80
  • BoDog: $742.59
  • WillHill: -$57.97
  • Hollywood: -$460.10
  • Doyles's Room: -$219.73
  • Victor Chandler: $24.71
  • Pacific Poker: $230.36
No Limit Ring Profit: $804.24
  • $50NL: -$10.75
  • $100NL: $267.42
  • $200NL: $547.57
Sit-N-Go Profit: -$55.00
  • $50+5 SNGs: -$55.00 (Total Played: 1)
Total SNG Return On Investment (ROI): -100%

Multi Table Tournaments: $277.10 (Big $600+ cash in a $20 180 person SNG)

Breaking down my NL cash games, I played about 3500 hands at 100NL for a 3.82 PTBB/100. And at 200NL I played about 3000 hands for a 4.56 PTBB/100. That's pretty respectable I think. Not as good as May, but May was probably unsustainable :)

My goals for July? I didn't play too many hands at 6 max (probably only 1000) in June. So I am going to try and play more 6 max this month. My total profit goal for July will be $2,000. If I finish up the Victor Chandler bonus this month, that is definitely doable I think

(edited to add this bankroll picture)



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