Friday, June 30, 2006

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I've probably only played a total of two hours of poker this week. Ya can't grow the bankroll playing a measly two hours a week. I'm going to have to find some time soon.

In the little time I've played the last two sessions, I finally got a couple high pocket pairs. Its been quite a while (1500+ hands, and finally got AA this morning). This is how my last couple high pocket pair hands have gone.

I get QQ at a full ring 200NL table. I raise it up to 4x BB. There are a few callers. The flop comes queen high with 2 diamonds. I bet half pot and the only caller is a short stack who only started the hand with 10 BBs. He flips over A4 of hearts (Huh??!!!?!?!). Turn is the last queen and I waste quads on a small pot. Yipee.

I get AA at a 6 max 100NL table and raise it up 4x BB. One caller. Flop is all clubs. I have none. I bet half pot and get min raised. I call. Turn is the Ace of clubs. I check and he puts out a small (like only 1/4 pot) bet. I call, hoping I fill up on the river. The river is the 5th club. We both check. He flips over KJ of diamonds and we split the pot. Jeez.

I get QQ in the SB and just call short stack bet. Flop is 567 rainbow. I bet under half pot (which is only half of what shortie has left). He puts the rest of his money in and flips over AK. Turn 8, River 9 and we split. The board came out, in order, 56789.

Lots of fun I tell you.


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