Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Results of Yesterday's Tough Hands

I ended up folding my Jacks on the first hand. I would love to know what villain had there. Don't you think that if they actually did have a set, and then filled up on th turn (Thus not worrying about any straight draw now), they would have slowplayed on the turn? Sure, there is already $179 in the pot, and we both have only $120 left, but if I was him, and I wanted to make sure I got the rest of the money in, I might have checked there.

Either way, my call of the raise on the flop was terrible. I need to either re-raise or fold. Calling is BAD. I call way too much. It is definitely a big leak I have.


Hand two I ended up pushing (So $80 more for him to call in to a pot that has $150 in it now). I was pretty sure I was behind here, so I would consider this kind of a semi-bluff. I still have 14 outs on the river, and my semi-bluff could possible get top pair crap kicker or lower to fold.

He ended up calling and turned over pocket rockets, uggg. And I didn't hit one of my 14 outs. I did make a note on the guy that he can't lay down overpairs, so I know he'll pay off sets in the future (not that I'll ever see him again though).

You all are right in that I should have folded PF. I guess I shouldn't worry about defending blinds in full ring NL. And I probably should have made a play for the pot on the flop instead of the turn.


On hand 3, I did end up pushing. Villain thought for a long time, and eventually folded. I think I played this one pretty good. I should have maybe bet more on the flop.

So what did I learn here? I call too much. Raise or Fold, right?


On a non-poker related subject, I went and saw Pearl Jam and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers last night in concert. It was really good. It had been a while since I've been to a concert. Live music rocks! What was surprising about last night was that Pearl Jam opened up first. I would have thought that Pearl Jam was the headliner. Maybe it was a sign of respect for Petty or something.

Pearl Jam was pretty good. The only played for just under two hours. They didn't play enough of their classics. No Betterman, Jeremy, Nothing Man, Yellow Ledbetter, etc... And they played too many songs where my friend and I didn't recognize.

Tom Petty was awesome. They played all of their hits. They even played a song from the Traveling Wilburys which was awesome. Eddie Vedder came out and sang a few songs with them which was totally rockin. I give them an A+



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