Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bye Bye Hollywood Poker

Not too much going on lately. I haven't played too much. I finished up the Party Poker bonus. But I'm down just over $100 playing on other sites, including Hollywood poker.

I just can't seem to win there. And the 100NL and 200NL cash games play so tight. I haven't had one winning session there yet. I'm down to below $200 from the initial $600 I deposited there. So I might have to do something I've never done before: Withdraw before clearing a bonus. Supposedly these PokerRoom network 5x bonuses are some of the best around. But I just can't take it anymore. I hate this network. I need almost 600 more points to get the $200 bonus. There is no way I am going to do that.

Take a look at my stats over there, all full ring games (I have about 100 hands at 200NL, and about 750 at 100NL):

Total Hands: 848
Vol put $ in the pot: 17.9%
PF raise %: 9.1%
Went to Showdown %: 19.08%
Won $ at showdown %: 54.55% (0% at 200NL!!)
PTBB/100: -19.76!!!

I've gotten Aces only twice, and lost one huge pot with them. Only gotten Kings once. I've flopped my share of sets (Probably about 6 in those 850 hands), but I've only been semi-paid off on one. I lost a huge pot with a set of sixes to a flopped straight. AK is getting destroyed. I don't hit any flops. Its sick.

So I'm done with this site and this network. It will be long time before I go back.

I'll be working on the PokerStars Bonus, and plan on going back to a Tribeca site (Victor Chandler). I haven't played cash games at Stars in a while, so I am curious to see how the 100NL and 200NL games are.



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