Monday, June 26, 2006

Just Gliding Along

Nothing too exciting lately in the world of poker for me. Last week was my first negative week since the end of March. Though if you take away last Sunday where I played a bunch of MTTs (including the Stars Million guaranteed), I would have pretty much broke even. I did win some money this weekend though, and have started off this week good. That's surprising to me though, considering the run of cards I've had the last couple days. Going back to last Wednesday, I've played 1120 hands (That's not much. I haven't played much lately). In those 1120 hands, I have been dealt Pocket Aces a total of zero times, and Pocket Kings twice. Statistically, I should have been dealt each of them five times! Ouch! Heck, I've only gotten Queens three times!

Here is a hand from yesterday that I probably should have played a little bit differently and maybe gotten more value from.

100NL full ring at PartyPoker. I'm on the button with pocket Jacks and a full stack ($100). An EP player bet $3 (3x BB). The person immediately after him raises it to $10. I cold call, as does the EP initial bettor. I figure at least one of them has a higher pocket pair than me, more than likely the raiser. I call, pretty much playing for set value.

So the flop comes a perfect 3c 4h Jc. Ding! I've hit top set. Now, how do I make the most money from this? There is a total of $31 in the pot. The EP guy leads out for a week $11 bet. Only a third of the pot. The other guy raises it up to $28. Now, do I cold call again, and try and bring the EP guy along too? Or do I raise here? I decided to push all-in. The EP guy folded, but the other guy called, and sure enough he had Aces, and I win a big pot.

Now that I think about it, I should have just called, trying to trap the other guy into coming along too. It is definitely possible that he had a hand like Pocket Queens or something along those lines. I guess the reason I pushed was because there were two clubs out there, and I thought that he also could have had something like AcKc. I don't know. What do you think? It sure was nice having position on them.


On the bonus front, I am about a third of the way through PokerStars recent reload bonus. The FPPs rack up real nice a 100NL and 200NL. I also deposited over at Victor Chandler. This site is over on the Tribeca network. I like this network, because there are a lot of crazies there. And I have to remember to play 5 hours over at WillHill! I almost forgot about them! An easy $45 there. June is going to be one of my lowest months in terms of bonus money earned. I just haven't played all that much. And then add to that me busting out of 66poker (B2B network) and quitting on Hollywood Poker, the bonus money just isn't going to come in.

And on another note, the carpet is getting installed in our basement this week! That means I get to buy my big screen TV soon! I just don't know what I should go with though. Plasma or DLP? I guess plasmas have gotten a lot better the last couple months. But they are a little bit more expensive. I can't decide!!



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