Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chop Chop Chop

Played a bunch of MTTs last night. And I got this e-mail early this morning from PokerStars:

Hello LuparFiend,

Congratulations on your finish in tournament #26419480!
You agreed to a deal at the final table to adjust the payouts as follows:

Official New
Player Payout Payout
========= ======== ======
fishinchips #1 $ 1080.00 $ 629.10
Whipper17 #2 $ 720.00 $ 629.10
damos777 #3 $ 428.40 $ 629.10
LuparFiend #4 $ 288.00 $ 629.10

When the tournament ended, you were automatically credited with
the official 4th place payout of $288.00.

The difference between this amount and the amount to which you agreed
in the deal is $341.10, and this amount has been credited to your account.
You will find this transaction in the cashier history at this time.

Good luck in your next event, and thank you for your participation.

Best Regards,

PokerStars Support Team

WaaHoo! My biggest MTT cash yet! Made the final four in one of those $20 180 person SNGs. When it was down the four of us, we agreed on even four way chop. I was pretty satisfied with that because the blinds were so high by this time, it was a turning into a luckfest. So we all got just below second place money.

I am pretty happy about my overall play last night. I think I brought my A game. I was patient, focused, and I didn't go on tilt, even though I suffered some pretty good beats in some of the other MTTs.

I played a total of five MTTs last night:

The above $20 180 person on Stars.

I played in the $17,000 guaranteed on FullTilt. I had a $26 token, so it didn't cost me anything. I made it to the top 200 or so. Lost with AA vs KK all-in PF in level 2 and was knocked down to below 300 chips, but crawled my way back to starting chip stack eventually. I don't really remember what I went out with, but I was a short stack for quite a while.

Played in BoDogs $6,000 guaranteed for $16. Got some good cards in this one, but the bad beats were plentiful. One particular hand there was an EP bettor and I re-raise with Pocket Kings. Flop is all unders and dude pushes and I call. He has AJ. Ace on turn knocks me way down. I crawl back in this one. Later on I get AK, and same dude calls my all-in bet again with AJ! Flop is QJ2, but a Ten on the turn gives me a straight. River is a King for a chop. Lots of beats here. I'm surprised I didn't go on tilt because of this MTT.

Played in the PartyPoker $40,000 guaranteed. I started out well and had double starting chip stack for a while. I was playing pretty tight and lost a lot of chips in a super aggressive guy who min raised me on both the flop and the turn when I had top pair. Usually min-raises mean monsters so when he did it again on the turn I folded. That hand cost me over half my stack. Damn, and I was playing really well there. Made it to the top 25% of the field in this.

And then played in a satellite for a seat in Party's Million guaranteed. Got good cards and was over average with half the field gone. I ended up losing with KK after all the money got in on the flop to JJ. Jack on river sent me packing.

If it weren't for the PokerStars score, I was all ready to write a post on how I am the most unluckiest dude out there. It was quite unbelievable. I couldn't win any coinflips, and my monsters were getting destroyed. AK vs QJ. A9 vs 87. QQ vs AJ. 88 vs KQ. All losers.

I have the hand history of my PokerStars game, and I always like going through those, so I might put up a post soon detailing that game.

So I'm back up to 10G's. Hopefully I can keep it above that point now.



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