Thursday, June 15, 2006

Details of my MTT score

I enjoy going though my hand histories of some of my better MTTs to see where I did good, and to see how lucky I got. So here is the run down of my top 4 finish in a $20 180 person MTT. I was playing in 3 other tournies at the same time, so I played pretty tight in the beginning.

Level 2: Got to see a free flop with K7s and 4 limpers. King on flop and it got checked around. Third King and I check/call a bigger than pot sized bet. I lead out on the blank river and he folds.

Level 3: On the button with AQo. EP raises 3x BB to 150. I bump it 400 and he calls. Flop comes K65 and through out continuation bet and take it down. Up to 2045 in chips.

Level 4: I get 77 in the BB. Folds to CO who makes it 3x BB. I push all-in and he folds.

Level 5: UTG raises 3x BB. I find AKo on the button and push all-in ( I just barely have him covered). He calls and shows AJ. Flop is QJ2 all diamonds. I have the King of diamonds. Turn is Th giving me a straight. River is a Kc and we chop the pot.

Level 6: Find ATs in the SB. One limper and I push and all fold. I have 2407 in chips.
Level 6: Lose a small pot to a short stack ( he only had 1 BB) with AQ vs 99.
Level 6: Steal lots of blinds. Steal with: TT, JTs, 96s, KTo, KJo

Level 7: Lose a small pot with QJs in the SB when it is checked all the way down. Have 2432. Well below average. Probably in the bottom 20%.
Level 7: Getting blinded down. M is less than 4. I raise on the button hoping to steal with 86o. BB calls. Flop is 943. He checks and I push for just under full pot. He takes a long time and finally folds. Whew! Up to 2782.
Level 7: Next hand in the CO I get A9s and open raise to 3x BB. BB calls and flop is AK3 all diamonds. I bet 4/5 pot and he raises all-in and I call and he shows KT with no diamonds. Turn is a 9 and River is a 6 and I double up to 5814 which is above average now.

Level 8: I pick up AA on the button and it is folded to me and I raise 3x BB. BB pushes all-in. Yay! He has me covered and shows TT. My hand holds up and I double to 11078 which is in the top 10 for sure.
Level 8: I knock out a short stack with A8 vs A5. Up to 13,536 in chips.

Level 9: I'm on the button with K8s and it is folded to me. Steal Time! Blinds are 300/600 with an ante of 50. I bet 2000. BB goes all-in for 5600. So it is 3500 for me to call. I call and he shows KQo. Oops. Board is J77T. So I have 3 outs (a 9 would give me a straight, but him a higher one). River is an 8! Up to 18,000.
Level 9: We are in the money. I'm 5th in chips right now.
Level 9: UTG (who has 12000 to my 17000) raises it up 10x BB! This is screaming steal. And I have AK on the button. So I re-raise all-in. He takes a while and calls with pocket 6's! Ace on flop knocks him out, and I'm up to 3rd in chips.

Level 10: I lay low for a couple orbits and finally pick up a hand. QQ on the button and it is folded to me. I raise just over 3x BB. SB raises all-in (He only has 10 BBs) I call and he shows ATo. An ace comes on the flop, but the turn is a Queen! Up to 36,000 in chips. Good for 2nd place with 14 left.
Level 10: Folded to me on the button and I raise it up 3x BB with T6s. I get re-raises by SB ( I have him covered) and just call. Flop is T85. he bets just over half pot, but I decide to fold. Probably a good move.
Level 10: Probably a dumb play, but I stuck with my bluff here. This is against the same guy who I lost the previous hand too. He's very aggressive:

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t800 (6 handed)
saw flop|saw showdown

Button (t46569)
HERO (t27683)
BB (t32719)
UTG (t26547)
MP (t19792)
CO (t12391)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 5d, 2c.
4 folds, Hero completes, BB checks.

Flop: (t1450) Jc, 7d, Ac (2 players)
HERO bets t1000, BB calls t1000.

Turn: (t3450) 6d (2 players)
HERO bets t2500, BB calls t2500.

River: (t8450) Qh (2 players)
HERO bets t5000, BB folds.

Final Pot: t13450

Hero has 5d 2c (high card, ace).
Outcome: Hero wins t13450.

Level 11: UTG who has 12,000 goes all-in (which is about 10BB). I have 88 and decide to call. I figured a low to mid pocket pair. He flips over 99. Doh! Flop is KJ5. Turn is an 8. River is the other 8 and I win with quads! Muahaha. I am now in the chip lead and we are down to the final table bubble.
Level 11: Lose two pots in a row with A9 and AT when I meet resistance (and min-raises) on the flop.
Level 11: Still on the final table bubble. I get QQ on the button and raise it up to just over 3x BB. My nemesis from the bluff hand above goes all in (He has 26k to my 44k). I call and he shows AJ. Ace on the flop gives him the massive pot. Knocked down to like 7th out of 10 in the chip count.
Level 11: UTG, who has me covered raises 3x BB and I find Ad Jh. I decided to call, but I had a feeling I was behind. This was my biggest mistake of the MTT. He flipped over Ac Kc. Flop is K32 all hearts. Turn is the 5 of clubs, and I have 8 outs to win, and 3 to tie. The river is a beautiful 4 of hearts and I suck out.

Level 12: Still at the final table bubble. The button, who is the short stack with 10k (I have 40k) raises 2.5x BB. I just call in the BB with A2s. Flop comes AAK. We get it all in on the flop and he flips over A6. 6 on the turn and I double him up. Sitting at 30k chips, which is around 3rd or 4th place.
Level 12: Next hand and the new UTG, who is now the short stack at our table raises 4x BB. I find AJo in the SB and re-raise all-in. He calls and flips over KJs. My hand holds up and I knock out the 10th place dude. Final table and I am 2nd in chips.
Level 12: First hand of the final table, and one of the Short stacks (who had about 10 BBs) raises 4x BB. I find 88 in the CO and decide to re-raise all-in. He calls and shows KQo? Queen on flop, and I lose the coinflip.

Level 13: Getting blinded down and I am in 6th out of 8 chip position. I find KQo on the button. One limper in front of me and I limp too ( I should have raised here me thinks). SB and BB comes along. Flop is KJ7 rainbow. The Short Stack SB goes all-in for only 3 BB more and I am the only caller. He has QT for an OESD. And ace comes on the turn and he wins. I'm now the short stack with only 6 BBs.
Level 13: I find TT in MP and push. Button calls with AK and I win the coinflip!

Level 14: Not involved in many hands in the last couple orbits. I steal a few blinds and have 20k in chips, which is just over 6 BBs. I find Pocket Kings in the CO. There is 1 limper and I push. The button, who I have barely covered, calls. He shows Jacks and my Kings hold up. I'm now in 3rd place with 6 left.

Level 15: Down to five of us now. Not involved in too many hands. Steal with A8 and K8. Try to steal with Q8 but fold to re-raise. Steal another pot after a 2x BB bet in front of me with A9. Steal with TT.
Level 15: Big hand right before this one and one of the dudes gets knocked down to 1.5 BBs and he is the BB. I get KK and he has to call with 73s. My hand holds up and we are down to four and we make the deal to evenly split. Three of us had right around 60k in chips, and one guy had 100k so it was a pretty good deal for me I think.

So, I only had 3 coinflips, and won two of them. Had some pretty good suckouts, but lost a few 70/30's. All but one time when I was all-in and in danger of being eliminated was I behind when all the chips went in (The AJ vs AK hand). And I only tried a few bluffs and all of them turned out good. I guess that was a benefit of playing tight in the beginning.

So there you have it! Cheers!


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