Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What is your goal?

Why do you play poker? It's a question that everyone who plays should have an answer for. Do you play for the competition? Do you play for the rush? Do you play for the money? Can you or do you make a living off of this? Do you play just for fun?

I've really only had one goal since I've started playing for real money almost ten months ago. I wanted to make some extra spending money so I could get one of these.

I want a Big Ass TV for my basement when it is finished. I am working on getting the trim up, and then the last thing to do is the carpet.

I'm not exactly sure which one I will get. It will probably run about $2,000. Though, they did just come out with 1080p DLP's. Though, I would need a HD DVD player, and my cable company does not support that high of resolution yet, so I'll probably just get the 720p version.

My bankroll is high enough now that taking $2,000 out will not affect the limits that I play. I could actually afford to move up it limits again if I really wanted to. I am very close to passing the $6,000 plateau. I had a great session at Doyle's yesterday where I won over $350! I hit quite a few sets, and almost every one was paid off, with a couple pots being around $200! The only one I didn't win was where my opponent also had 2 pair on the flop, and hit his 4 outer on the river. I am definitely liking the play over at Doyles. And, I am about halfway through their sign-up bonus!

So now that my original goal is pretty much met, what now? I'm not sure. I've always been pretty conservative with my money. I don't have many toys, or a flashy car or anything like that. So I'll just keep on playing for some extra spending money. Maybe I 'll get a laptop next. Upgrade the desktop computer. Take a vacation somewhere. Maybe Vegas? In July? For the WSOP Main Event?

Ya, I like that goal. Maybe I'll try and win my way into a WSOP event. Now that would be fun.


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