Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heeeeee Hawwwww!

I played a few MTTs and SNGs last night. And oh man, did I hee haw it up. I made at least three total donkey plays. And the worst thing about it, is that I knew I was making a bad play when doing it, but did it anyways! So I figured I needed to blog about it so that I can shame myself into never doing it again.

I fired up three MTTs at the same time. The first was a 1000 FPP WSOP Freeroll over at Stars. I figured I'd give one of these a shot. I usually notice that only about 300 people sign up for these, but this one had 400. Oh well. I hovered around average for the first hour. In the middle of the second hour, I started getting shortstacked so I needed to start stealing blinds. I pushed with AJ and got called by AQ and that's all she wrote.

The 2nd was a $20 180 person SNG at Stars. I flopped a set in the first hour with pocket 8's on a 8TJ flop. I bet, got re-raised, and pushed all-in, figuring the dude for a draw. He flipped over Q9 for the flopped nut straight, and I was knocked down to 200 chips. I was all ready to fire up another one of these, but I made a comeback! I tripled up with Q8 against Q7 and AK. Then a few hands later, I tripled up again with JJ! I was right back in it! I stayed at right around average for the next hour and a half. With about 35 left, I was in 17th position.

That is when I went on a donk run. I don't know what it was, but I started getting bored. This is another leak in my game I have noticed when playing in tournaments. After about an hour or hour and a half, I start to lose focus. I guess that is why when I play ring games, its only for an hour at a time. Shorter sessions are definitely better for me.

Anyways, I was playing really tight in this MTT and I was getting bored. I pick up pocket 3's in the BB and called a 3x BB raise. Flop comes 256 rainbow. He bets and I raise, seeing if he has a high pocket pair. Of course he re-raises all-in, so I fold. Next hand, I get K9s and there is a 3x BB bet in front of me. I decide to make another move and go all-in. Of course dude has pocket kings, and I go home now. Two dumb plays in a row for me. Uggg.

The next MTT was a $30 one over at Party Poker. There were about 400 or so players that entered. I played tight in the very beginning. Then I started to get some cards. I doubled up with AK and then started playing more aggressive. With about half the field gone, I was a little bit above average. Then I went card dead. With 65 left (Top 40 paid), I had an M of only about 4. It got folded to me in the SB and I pushed with AQ. Of course the BB wakes up with Jacks, and I lose the coinflip.

Then I also played a couple SNG's. A $30 SNG over at FullTilt, and a 2 table $24 SNG at Stars. I busted out on the bubble in both of them. Holy suckouts. I won't bore you with the details, but in both of them, I got sucked out on, crawled my way back, and then got sucked out again!

And then the last donk play was this morning. I started out with a good session and won back all the money I dropped last night. At a 200NL table, I get pocket Aces. There is a limper in front. I raise to $9 and click the raise button. Nothing happens. I click it again, and again nothing happens. It turns out my cable modem dropped for a few minutes. It hasn't done this for months! Maybe twice a year this happens, and it does it when I'm dealt Aces. Gee, thanks poker gods.

So I finally get re-connected, and I win a few more pots. At the same table, I get pocket Queens. I raise it up to my standard raise from Late Position. The loose Big Blind comes over the top and raises. I don't know why I just didn't call to see the flop, but I made a donkish move and pushed all-in. He called with Pocket Kings. The King on the flop sealed the deal. If I would have just called, I would have never put in another dime after seeing the King on the flop. So I only ended the day up a few dollars.

Doh! *smacks forehead*

I am heading out for a small mini-vacation in a few days, so it will be nice to take a little break from the virtual felt.



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