Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Poker Day Ever

I had my single best poker day yesterday. I won nearly $300!

I won about $250 over at Martin's playing mainly 100NL, with some 50NL. I won a big pot when I flopped a set, and someone couldn't let go of their overpair. I get dealt pocket 7's and limp in. The BB comes in a for a nice size raise, and I call. Flop comes 287 rainbow. I just called his flop bet. After the rag turn, I raised him up a little and he called. River was a Jack, and he bet 10E. I raised him to 35E and he called. I nice size pot there.

The other big hand I got a little lucky, when I was dealt Aces, and got two callers to my Pre-flop bet. Flop came in ugly T, J, K rainbow. Not a flop you want to see when you have pocket aces.

I make a 3/4 pot size bet and both call. I'm not liking where I am at here. Turn is a rag, and I think it got checked around. River was another King, and I am definitely not liking my situation now. I for sure think I am dead to someone holding a King. I make a smallish blocking type bet (about 1/4 pot), and both call again. It turned out the King saved me. One dude had TJ for a flopped two pair. Other dude had Queens.

I won some other nice pots where I flopped the nut straight with 23, and another where I flopped a flush with 89s.

I also took 2nd place in a 45 person $6 turbo over at Pokerstars for a nice $55 profit.

I'm through about 1000 VIP over at Martin's. Just 2000 more to go.



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