Monday, January 16, 2006

Bankroll above $2000!

I've been playing over at Martin's Poker for the last couple of days. They have a really good bonus going on there right now.

Initial signup bonus of up to 600 Euros, cleared after 3000(or 5X deposit amount) raked hands using the code "novdeposit" (this bonus will be credited 90 days after your initial deposit). Then an additional 200 Euro on a 200E Deposit, cleared after 600 raked hands using the code "novreload". And then, another 50% reload up to 200 Euro (deposit 400Euro) cleared after 10X the bonus amount using the code "decreload" (and credited after 30 days).

The good news about this, is that all of the bonuses can be stacked and cleared concurrently! I did all of these bonuses (the decreload one I only deposited 300 for a 150 bonus), so I will be due 950 Euros in bonus after 3000 raked hands. I am already done with 650 raked hands, and have already been credited with the 200 Euro bonus.

If you read this, and have the bankroll, I would definitely go after this bonus. If you do, use my screen name "LuparFiend" as a referral. You and I will get a few extra Euros.

I've been playing 50NL and 100NL. There are some decent players over there, but you will definitely come across some bad ones. I am up 120 Euros so far. And that's even with suffering some pretty nasty bad beats.

I lost a 120 Euro pot this weekend when I had aces. One raiser in front of me, and I re-raise 3X his raise. He calls. Flop comes [Ad], [5d], [Jc]. Alright! I hit trips, but there are 2 diamonds, so I better play aggressive and charge if he is chasing a flush. He checks, I bet 3/4 pot and he calls. Turn comes a [5s] giving me a full house, and beating a flush out there. He checks and I check, slowplaying my boat a little. River is the [Jh]. He bets about 1/4 pot, and I go all-in, only losing to pockets 5's and pocket J's.

He had pockets Jacks for the rivered quads. He hit his one out and 120 Euros got dragged towards him. That hand was probably one of the biggest pots I've played. And obviously the worst beat I've ever had.

Lost another decent sized pot with set over set. I hit my set on the flop, but dude hit his 2 outer on the turn for a bigger 3 of a kind.

And then this morning, I lost a pot to a small stack with pocket Qs to his pocket 9's. He flopped quads. What is it with people hitting four of a kind against me this weekend?

It's all good though, cause I am still up 120 Euro there, and with the 200 Euro bonus I just received, my bankroll is above $2100!


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