Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm doing well in SNGs

The month of January has started out pretty good in terms of Sit-n-Go's. I'm still getting in the money about 50% of the time. And I have won my share of $6 turbos. I've also been playing a couple of the multi-table $6 turbo SNGs (The 18 person and 45 person ones). I've made some pretty decent money playing those. Too bad the two $15 SNGs I've played I've been knocked out early. The first was when I hit the nut straight on the turn, all the money then went in, and the guy who hit his set on the flop hit his boat on the River. The next was a set over set loss. Can't really do anything about those.

I was playing a 18 person $6 last night and it was down to three people. I was the short stack, and blinds were so high that it was push or fold mode. I am the button and get A2. A pretty good hand 3 handed. I pushed, and both the SB and BB called. One had AT, the other AK. Ouch! A couple miracle two's didn't come so I took home 3rd place.

I also tried something new for me in a regular $6 turbo. It got down to 4 people, and I had the chip lead. I decided that if I was the first into the pot, or there were only limpers, I would raise with any two cards. button and SB limp? I'll raise you up 4X the BB. And if I was the BB, and there was a raise in front of me, I would always defend. Sure, sometimes someone would come over the top all-in. But with the chip lead, it was easy to just throw away the hand if I didn't have a good hand. After every flop, I would throw out either a half pot to 3/4 pot bet, and most of the time, that was enough to take the pot.

I easily went on to win the SNG. I think this is a pretty good strategy for me with the chip lead with 4 or people left. I'll have to try it some more.

I cleared both bonuses that I have been working on. The $100 re-load over at Empire is done, as is the $100 initial sign-up at Wow, I hate those Boss Media sites. The play there is soooo slow. Good bonuses, but bad play.

I think I am going to try my hand at the Martin's Poker bonus. 800 Euro for only 3000 raked hands. I'll post more info on that one when I start playing there.



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