Friday, January 06, 2006

Confidence is Rising

I think I'm starting to get out of my SNG funk. I feel like I'm in the flow. The force is starting to flow through my body again. In my last ten or so SNGs, I am in the money greater than 50%! And a couple of those have been wins! With one of them being a $15 turbo.

The first win was in a $6 Trubo at Stars. I played extremely tight in the beginning, and when the blinds started creeping up to the 75/150 point, I started stealing blinds aggressively. I built myself from below average to 3rd in chips with 5 left, and blinds at 100/200 ante 25. I then got QQ two hands in a row, the first time against the big stack and I doubled up.

I get QQ in the BB, and the Big stack limps. I raise 3.5x BB, and he calls. Flop comes Kc, 2d, Td. Not a great flop for me. I bet 600 into the 1700 pot, and he min-raises me. I just had a feeling that he didn't have a K, and maybe was on a flush draw, so pushed all-in. He called and flipped over pocket 3's! He told me that he thought I was on a draw. Thanks for the double up! That put me in the chip lead.

Next hand, I get QQ again, and knock out the short stack. Few hands later, I get AQ and knock out another Short Stack who pushed in with A5. It's nice to see those dominated hands hold up again. We get down to Heads up, and we both have about the same chip stack. I ended up winning with 99 and him calling my flop bet and re-raises with bottom pair.

I was feeling pretty good, so I had started up a $15 Turbo SNG. My first one in a while. During my losing streak, I moved down in limits, so it had been a couple weeks since my last one.

I was only involved in two hands the first 5 levels. First one was with AK and I hit TPTK and take down the pot with a continuation bet. The 2nd with A3 on the button hoping to steal the blinds, but getting called by the SB. I took down that pot with another continuation bet.

It got down to 5 people, and blinds starting creeping up, so I started stealing more blinds and stayed around average chip stack. Took down a decent sized pot from the BB (blinds 200/400)with a few limpers when the flop came 5, 7, 7. I had a 5 and min bet and won, lol. This gave me the chip lead with 3700 with another player. I knocked out the 5th place short stack with A5 against his K5. Another dominated hand held up!

Then I got involved in a hand I probably should have folded. I get TQs in the BB, and SB with 40% of my stack goes all-in. I call ( I had to call 1400 in a 2800 pot, 2:1 odds) and he shows AK. I hit a ten on the river to take it down :) It gets down to heads up, and I easily wrap up the win.

I get to go to another home game tonight. This one should be pretty fun. I guess last time this guy hosted, they had enough for 2 tables, so it should be interesting. This will be only my 2nd time playing live, but with my new found confidence, I hope to do well. I'll make sure and write a report later.


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