Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rough Poker Weekend

December hadn't been a great poker month up until Christmas. I was contemplating a little break from poker. But I started playing better, and I had positive days every day last week.

But then the weekend came. I was getting destroyed in the $50NL tables at Party Poker.

Here are the big hands that I lost.

I have 66 and flop a set. Calling station calls all my bets and hits his inside straight draw on the river.

I have 66 and it folds to me on the button. I just call. I flop a set, but 689 board is a little dangerous. I slow play it a little bit ( I know, I shouldn;t have slow played this). The turn is an 8, giving me a full house, so I don't fear the straight anymore. Unfortunately, the BB had 89 giving him a better boat.

I have [Ks] [Tx] and call a small raise. Flop comes [7s] [Ts] [Qs]. Check Check. Turn brings another T, giving me three tens, and a draw to the 2nd nut flush. I bet pot and dude calls. River comes the [9s]. I bet pot, he min raises and I call to see him holding the 8s for the rivered straight flush. He drew to his one out. Ouch.

I get KK in middle position. A couple limpers in front, and I go all-in ( I might have been on tilt from a previous beat). Dude behind me calls! one of the the limpers calls! Guy behind me has AA. Donk in front of me has A2o!! I get a king on the flop and I am way ahead. But the turn and river give the A2o guy runner-runner flush! Thankfully, this guy had a smaller stack than the other two of us, so I ended up the hand around even from getting chips from the AA guy. But come on! Calling two all-ins with A2o?!?!1?!!

I raise it up to 4X BB with KQs. I get a couple callers. Flop comes with two Qs. I bet $4. Villain min raises to $8. I re-raise to $20. He thinks a while and calls. Turn brings a Ten. All our money goes. Of course he has QT for a boat. Nice two outer sir!

I have AA versus KK. 4 spades come, and he wins with a flush.

On the bonus front, I am chasing a re-load bonus over at Empire, and I signed up at casino.net. Both of them are worth $100 and should be cleared in the next couple days. I'm doing good over at Empire, even though it has turned into a rock garden. I'm not doing so hot at Casino.net. Some of the beats listed above are over there.

I'll be putting up a December recap soon. Maybe even today.


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