Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bad Poker Day

Well, I am in the middle of my worst poker day in a long long time.

I'm down about $80 right now.

I've gone out 6th in the two $15 SNGs I've played.

In the first one, I was 2nd in chips. The guy to my left, was the leader. Blinds were 75/150.

I'm in the SB with [Kh] [Kc]. For some reason, he goes all-in in front of me. I gotta call, right?

I do, and he flipps over [Ah] [Qh]

A on the flop, gets his flush on the turn, and I'm drawing dead.

Next one, I am below starting stack, about T1100. I'm in MP and get [As] [Ks]

I raise to 300 (3x BB). Dude behind me is only caller.

Flop comes [Qh] [4s] [6c]

Pot is 800, and we both have 800 left. I go all-in, and he calls.

He has [Ac] [Kc]

We have same hand, with one of our suit on the flop.

I don't have to tell you what the turn and river brought. You can probably guess .

And my ring games (limit) are going really bad. I am getting good starting hands, but none of them are holding up. Frustrating as all hell


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