Wednesday, November 23, 2005

4 losing days in a row

Still in a funk. 4 losing days in a row now. I dont think I've had a streak like this in a while. I did clear my Stars Bonus on Sunday, so with that bonus, I am up a whopping $6 this week.

In the 4 SNGs I played this morning, I took 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. Bleh

In my 3rd place finish, I went out with 77 vs K4o. he hit a K on the river.

In my 4th place finish, I lost with AQ vs 66.

The flops are just not hitting me.

I took some money out of Absolute, and deopsited at Stars again for thier reload, so I have another $100 to clear. That's 100 SNGs (with $1 fees). I think I can do this in a month. I'm still not playing ring games there.

I have $80 out of $120 left to clear at absolute for thier reload. When I am done with the Absolute, I'll be putting money back into BoDog. Or maybe, i 'll open a Party account now. I did a pokersourceonline promotion, so I have 9000 PSO points. I can get Party Poker gift certificates with those points. 9000 points would be $90.


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