Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm in a funk

I'm in a funk. In my last 12 or so $15 T SNGs, I have only three 1sts, and one 3rd. Lots of 4ths. Lots. Some 5ths. I'm still showing a small profit, but my ROI in these last SNGs are probably only 5-10%. Not good.

I just can't win any coinflips. And hands where I am dominating never win either. There have been so many hands where I am ahead with AQ vs A7 and a 7 comes on the river. There was one today where I had a dominating hand with KJ vs JT and the fricking board gives us a full house for a split pot. I've probably only won 10% of the hands where I am ahead 70/30 PF in the last week.

Plus, I am not doing so hot at ring games over at Absolute. Lots of 2nd best hands for me.

here are the hands I've gone out on in my last couple SNGs:

AA VS KK, he flopped quads

Q3 vs AT (300/600) im SB and M = 2

K9s vs 22 (200/400) im SB and M = 1.8. he flopped trips

A7 vs JQ; Q on river

A9 vs 82; me = short stack

66 vs K4; 2 left. I flop trips, 4th club on river

AQ vs 77

A3 vs Q3; Q on river (100/200) Im BB, he sb and calls, I re-raise all-in (prolly 6x BB) and he calls

66 vs JT (I was short stack again. he went all-in UTG with JT and I called)

AK vs 88 ( he min-raised, I pushed. I was 3rd in chips with 4 left, but short stack had an M of 1, so I should have waited until he was gone to be pushin. bad play by me)

A7 vs QJ ( 4 people left and I was short stack)


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