Friday, July 11, 2008

See, A Whiney Post Is All It Takes

I hit the poker tables last night, and things ended up pretty good. Maybe I need to make more whining/bitching posts?

I played in 5 MTTs and cashed in 3 of them, and won about $700 at the cash game tables.

- Had a baby cash in the Full Tilt 50/50. I had right around an average stack and went out with 99 vs 22 when he flopped a set. WTF is someone calling PF with 22 and no where close to the correct odds to set mine. +$20. Yipee
- Busted out of the $26 26k guaranteed on FT when KK can't beat A5s and my KQs push gets called by the JackAce. -$26
Busted just before the money bubble in the Stars 50/50 when some donk open pushed from the SB with 97o. I called with KQ, hit a queen on the flop, but he hit his OESD on the river. -$55
- Won a satellite into the Sunday Warm-up ($215) in a $10 rebuy. Only $31 invested, so +$184
- Cashed again in the PokerStars $10 Rebuy. I seem to always cash this. It has to be above 50% lifetime ITM for me in this thing. This time, I played super tight, but in the end I started getting short and pushed with A8o from the CO, but the chip leader in the blinds woke up with AA. 89th out of 3024 and a $110 profit.

Add in the Cash game play, and I made just over $900. Woot

Here are a few interesting hands from the cash game play. I'd like to get your opinion on them. I think I could have gotten more value out of them

Hand 1: We're Deep and the PF raiser is a passive fish. His stats are about 50/5 after 700 or so hands, but he has been raising more the last couple orbits. He has been pretty passive post-flop.

Seat 1: UTG ( $128.10 )
Seat 2: MP( $496.90 )
Seat 3: CO ( $200.00 )
Seat 4: Button ( $366.90 )
Seat 5: HERO ( $457.35 ) <----- SB Seat 6: BB ( $200.00 ) <---- BB Dealt to Hero: [Qh] [Jh] UTG calls $2, MP raises to $8, 2 folds, HERO calls $7, UTG Calls $6

Flop ($26): [Th] [Ah] [Ks]
HERO checks, UTG checks, MP bets $22, HERO raises to $65, UTG folds, MP calls $43

Turn ($156): [2h]
HERO bets $110, MP calls $110

River ($376): [7h]
HERO ?????

How is my play so far? I have $274 left and he covers. Do I want to bet here? Or does the only hand that calls a river bet have the Kh in it for the nut flush? Should I check/call anything and let him try and bluff at it with a set or two pair, or a lower flush?


Hand 2: I raise from MP and get called by 3 people. Yuck. Flop is a good one for me though. CO is a LAG running at about 26/21 or so. I haven't seen him around much, so he must be new to this site/level.

Seat 1: Button ( $65.55 USD )
Seat 2: SB ( $478.25 USD ) <------ SB Seat 3: BB ( $203.00 USD ) <------ BB Seat 4: UTG ( $333.85 USD ) Seat 5: HERO ( $292.60 USD ) Seat 6: CO ( $275.00 USD ) Dealt to Hero: [Ah] [4h] 1 fold, HERO raises to $7, CO calls $7, 1 fold, SB calls $6, BB calls $5

Flop ($28): [2h] [Jc] [3h]
SB checks, BB checks, HERO bets $21, CO raises to $55, 2 folds, HERO calls $34

Turn ($138): [Th]
HERO checks, CO bets $80, HERO raises $230.60 and is all-in

I didn't 3-bet the flop, because I didn't think I had much fold equity (Or do I?) If I 3-bet and we get it all-in, I have at a minimum of 11 outs, and as many as 15, which is pretty much a coin flip. Do I have enough fold equity to make 3-betting the flop more +EV?

Thanks for reading!



At 11:36 PM , Blogger Baywolfe said...

I'm hearing rumors about being unable to get a cash out on these online poker sites.

Anybody else heard anything?


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