Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Goals

I'm ready and rejuvenated to get back into the swing of things at the poker table in July. June saw me have my Best Month Everâ„¢ due to the Blogger Tournament of Champions win. I think it will be a long time until I break that record. Unless I get another big tournament score, or move up to 1000NL (lol).

As far as everything else, it was probably a break even month. I didn't play many cash game NL Hold 'em hands at all. Maybe 3000 hands. I put in a decent amount of Omaha hands towards the end of the month, and did pretty good winning a few hundred bucks.

But now that we are in July, I decided to hit those 6 max tables in full force. I'm taking a page out of EurekaKid's blog and writing down my July Goals. I doubt I'll hit them, but it is worth a shot:

- Install, purchase, and set-up Hold 'em Manager (almost complete. This will be done today)
- Play 15,000 hands
- Make $2,500 for the month (4.2 ptbb/100 at 200NL)
- Watch 10 CardRunner videos
- Three blog posts per week
- Make two videos of my play and post them on Internet for people to watch and critique my play
- Get two coaching sessions in with Twelver
- If I have the time, make sure each of my sessions are at least an hour long (Meaning: No logging off after 15 minutes and one bad beat. I need to work on Tilt Control)
- Don't berate the donks (I've grown a habit of typing in "lol" after I lose to a bad beat. I have to stop doing that cause it can put me on tilt)
- If games aren't good at Full Tilt, play 100NL over at PokerStars
- Get down to Iowa and play in some live NL at least once.


I forgot to blog about my trip to Treasure Island last weekend. The wife and I stayed the night and met some friends, so I was able to get in a good 5 hours of live poker. Unfortunately, Minnesota does not allow NL to be played, so I had to play either limit or spread limit. I ended up playing 2-10 spread most of the night and ended up about $30 or so. I think I played pretty good. I probably lost some value on a few hands, but the boards were pretty scary, so I played them a little passively.

My biggest pot was with KK in one of the blinds. There was a raise to I think $6 and a couple callers. I bumped it up to $16 (max) and got 4 callers!! Then the flop came 976 with two spades. Yuck. I led out $10 and got called by all of them but one. Turn was an offsuit 4. So far so good. I bet out again and all three of them called. Yikes, how many of them are on flush draws? The river brought the Q of spades putting three spades out there. Great. Flush draw just hit. I checked, intending just to check/call to whomever hit their draw. But it checked around and my Kings were good. One of the guys showed 88 for the OESD. But I have no idea what the other two people had. Did they each have an 8 too? Maybe someone had a pair of 9's? Anyways, I was really surprised my KK was good there, and I dragged the $160 pot.

Towards the end of the night, I moved over to the 2-60 spread game. This game is the closest thing to NL that we have in Minnesota. But the game had died down and there were only 5 or 6 people playing by the time I got moved there (Apparently there were two groups of drunk buddies that left about the same time). I didn't play here long as 3 of the 4 other players there were pretty good. One bad old player busted 15 minutes after I got there, and then another young bad player sat down, but busted 15 minutes after that. I ended up losing about $50.

So all-in-all, I lost about $20 or so for the trip. It was fun though. During the previous times I've played live, I would get bored after a couple hours. Probably due to the slowness of the game. But I didn't get bored at all that night. That's a good sign. Maybe I'm getting better at live play.


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At 1:00 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

I'll need to try those spread games sometime. The $2/$4 table was fun too :) Stay tuned, I'm about to try my hand at one of my goals...


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