Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 1: Success!

July 1st is in the books, and I am starting off on the right track

1.5 hours, 734 hands, +$664.00

I had either 4 or 5 tables going, and I ran at 21.5/16.5. Pretty much where I want to be. I hit a couple sets, and ran pretty good. There was one big 400 BB hand that I lost, but there was nothing I can do about that. Details below.

I made a couple moves, but other than that, I played pretty straight forward poker.

Here is a hand against an UTG raiser where I have JJ in the blinds. I mix up my play between calling and 3-betting, but it was early, so I decided to take the passive route and just call.

Full Tilt Poker, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 6 Players

CO: $248
BTN: $208
Hero (SB): $198
BB: $73
UTG: $474.20
MP: $199.55

Pre-Flop: Jc Js dealt to Hero (SB)
UTG raises to $7, 3 folds, Hero calls $6, BB folds

Flop: ($16) Ad Ac 8c (2 Players)
Hero checks, UTG bets $10, Hero calls $10

Turn: ($36) Tc (2 Players)
Hero checks, UTG bets $26, Hero raises to $60, UTG folds

Results: $88 Pot ($3 Rake)
Hero mucked Jc Js and WON $85 (+$42 NET)

I wanted to represent an Ace, so I just called on the flop with the intention of check-raising the turn. Turn brings the third club, and I think the only way he can call my raise is if he has AK, AQ, AT or KK with the Kc. Anyone have any comments about this hand? I didn't have much of a read on this guy, since I just started a new database, but he isn't labeled as a regular in my notes. If I remember correctly, he had TAGish type stats.


Here is an example of me firing the 2nd barrel and betting the scare card. Against most people, they will fold anything but two pair plus.

Full Tilt Poker, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 5 Players

SB: $47.85
BB: $79.55
UTG: $133
CO: $91
Hero (BTN): $204.40

Pre-Flop: Qd 7s dealt to Hero (BTN)
2 folds, Hero raises to $7, SB folds, BB calls $5

Flop: ($15) 3d 5h 8c (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero bets $10.50, BB calls $10.50

Turn: ($36) Ac (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero bets $24, BB folds

Results: $36 Pot ($1.80 Rake)
Hero mucked Qd 7s and WON $34.20 (+$16.70 NET)


This guy was had pretty nitty stats (about 15/12), but he was 3 betting like crazy. This was the 4th time he 3-bet me, and every other time I had to fold. I finally decided to take a stand and call. I ended up hitting my set, but it was a monotone flop, uggg.

Full Tilt Poker, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 5 Players

BB: $395.75
UTG: $204.25
CO: $86.60
BTN: $76
Hero (SB): $200

Pre-Flop: 3d 3c dealt to Hero (SB)
3 folds, Hero raises to $6, BB raises to $18, Hero calls $12

Flop: ($36) Qh 3h Jh (2 Players)
Hero bets $22, BB raises to $76, Hero raises to $182 and is All-In, BB calls $106

Turn: ($400) 7d (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

River: ($400) Js (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: $400 Pot ($3 Rake)
BB showed Kd Ah (a pair of Jacks) and LOST (-$200 NET)
Hero showed 3d 3c (a full house, Threes full of Jacks) and WON $397 (+$197 NET)


And here is the big pot I lost. This was right after I had just won another stack with nut flush vs 2nd nut flush. Nothing I can do about this one. I had top set on the flop, and he had nut flush draw plus a gutshot. I'm actually surprised he had AQs here. I put him on AA, AK or maybe QQ because he was a super nit with stats of 9/6 and 3-bet stat of 1%. That is the definition of NIT.

Full Tilt Poker, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 6 Players

BTN: $266
SB: $368
BB: $200
UTG: $400
Hero (MP): $408
CO: $307.90

Pre-Flop: Kd Kh dealt to Hero (MP)
UTG folds, Hero raises to $7, 2 folds, SB raises to $23, Hero calls $16

Flop: ($48) Tc Kc 9h (2 Players)
SB bets $30, Hero raises to $90, SB raises to $345 and is All-In, Hero calls $255

Turn: ($738) 6c (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

River: ($738) 5c (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: $738 Pot ($3 Rake)
SB showed Qc Ac (a flush, Ace high) and WON $735 (+$367 NET)
Hero showed Kd Kh (three of a kind, Kings) and LOST (-$368 NET)


I should be able to get a good amount of hands again tonight, and I might play the mookie. But I'm so pumped to play cash games right now, I think I'll skip playing my Wednesday night MTTs.

One other thing: Hold 'em Manager is awesome. TONS better than PokerTracker 3. Not even close if you ask me. If you play anything other than 200NL 6 max at Full Tilt, you should pick it up.



At 4:51 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

My PT3 trial is about to come to an end. Is HM any good for mostly tournament players? I play way more SNGs then anything.

At 8:43 PM , Blogger PokerFool said...

Ya, I think it would be real good. $80 though. $55 for small stakes players (Up to 100NL or 1/2 limit I think, but I dont know how it works for SNGs.

But to be honest, I think that for MTTs and SNGs, PT2 and PAHud or GameTime+ works just fine. You very rarely see the same people, and I would think it would be hard to get reads on people from MTT stats. Depnding on each ones stack size, they are going to be super tight or super agressive. Too many variables to know what someones VPIP really means


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