Monday, July 07, 2008

At What Point Do You Just Give Up?

July 1 was good. July 2 - 7 was bad. Really bad

For the month, I am $1500 below Expected Value. That is in only 3200 hands. That equates to almost 12 ptBB/100. And that doesn't even count the AA vs smaller pocket pair that flopped a set hands that I have seen this month. I looked back, and from the beginning of May until now, I am $4,000 below expectation in 14,000 hands (7.2 ptBB/100).

Here are some of the big hands that I've lost recently:

  • KK loses AK All-in PF for 250BB pot
  • I Flop a straight with T8 and get it all-in on flop vs a set and lose a 250BB pot.
  • I make a thin river value bet with TPTK on a K4228 board, and donk has A2 in another 200BB pot.
  • In a Re-raised pot, I get AA all-in on a KQx flop vs JT. I have two of his outs, but he hits anyways. 200BB pot
  • AA vs QQ all-in PF and he hits a set and rivers quads. 200 BB pot
  • 400BB Re-raised pot with AA and I lose to 66.

I've been dealt AA and KK 37 times and have lost $1,146 from them. The most I have won in one pot with them is 60 BBs when I got AA all-in PF with AQ. The next most I have won is 14BBs.

It's frustrating as hell. The only positive that I can think of through all of this, is that I haven't tilted. I kind of just shake my head and move on because I am expecting it right now.

Oh well. In the past, everytime I've made a whiney post like this, I've turned it around, so hopefully that will happen again. Eventually I'll start running around normal, right?


At 2:57 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

Ever try the $3.50 poker crack tournaments (super turbos)? They usually help me feel better about variance. They are variance :-)

I've made great strides, during downturns, in my Guitar Hero skills.

At 7:09 PM , Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Wow. UGLY results man.

One would think that EVENTUALLY things would indeed approach closer to expected results! (One would think...)

Here's hoping the post helps turn things for the better.


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