Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mookie Win!

With the cash games going so crappy the last two days (see graph below), it sure is nice to have a some tournament success. Wednesday's are my usual MTT night, so I fired my regular games. The 50/50, the 24k, FT & Stars $10 rebuys, and of course the Mookie. I cashed in the PokerStars $10 rebuy, and I won the Mookie.

I think I played some pretty good, solid poker. I had my fair share of starting hands (Though no Aces). Most of them held up. I doubled up off of BigSlickNut with QQ vs 77. I again had Queens a little while later hold up vs AQ and knocked out PokerPeaker. I knocked out a shortstacked Smokkee with AJ vs KQ.

When down to 2 tables, I got it all-in with Queens again against Pureprophet's 77, but he flopped a 7. I was 2nd in chips, so I still had a good stack. About 2 orbits later, I got Kings and got it all-in vs Loretta8's AJ. Ace on the flop,a nd that put me down to an average stack. But two hands later I doubled up with AK vs Anguila's AQ.

From there until it got down to 4 handed, I just stole stole stole. Once down to four, pvanharibo raised it up from the button. I found JJ, and with about 18 BBs, I decided to push. She called with AQs, and I won the race. That gave me the chip lead with over half of the chips. The very next hand, I knocked out the two short stacks (pvanharibo and anguila) with my T9s vs A8s vs J6. The flop had two Tens, and it was down to heads up between myself and pureprophet. He already had a TOC seat, so we played it out and about 6 hands later, I raised it up with KTs and he called. Flop was Ten high and I bet, and he pushed. I made the easy call, and he had K8 and pretty much drawing dead.



Ugg, cash games have sucked the last two nights. I'm down 6 buy-ins in EV in just 700 hands. That's terrible. I can't win a pot at a cash game to save my life. My Won When Saw Flop and Won at Showdown numbers are under 30%.

But no more complaining. I won the Mook!




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At 5:39 AM , Anonymous BSN said...

Good job!

At 11:38 AM , Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Congratulations on the win! Looks there is some decent players in that small field,shame it's so out of my timezone or I'd think about donating my $10!

At 1:50 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

Nice profile over at Mookie's! Congrats again!


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