Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Rox 100NL, but Sux 200NL

I went back through my last couple databases and took a look at my results for 100NL and 200NL for the last 11 months (The amount of time I've exclusively played at Full Tilt). For some reason I am crushing 100NL, but just barely making money at 200NL.

100NL: 90,000 hands running at 10.05 BB/100 (5.02 ptbb/100)
200NL: 48,000 hands running at 1.8 BB/100 (0.90 ptbb/100)

Whenever I see something like this, I think to myself, "Why am I wasting time playing 200NL when I can make more money playing 100NL?"

Add in the fact that I think I can play more tables comfortably at 100NL, and it skews it even more in favor of playing 100NL.

Anyways, I played like a total donkey the last couple days. Add in a few nasty beats and a massive cooler, and I'm down again at 200NL. But I've played a few sessions at 100NL and crushed, lol.

The massive cooler was my middle set vs top set vs flopped straight. Nice one. I lost KK vs AJ all-in PF. JJ vs TT all-in PF, etc... Bah

I'm planning on playing in the Mookie tonight, along with a bunch of other tournaments. And tonight will be the night I finally win one. You heard it here first. Expect to see a nice screen shot with PokerFool's name up top.

Also, if any of you 3 or 4 readers want to add me to IM, my contact name is: pokerfool (at) live (dot) com.



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