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I've read a few posts the last couple weeks talking about PokerTracker and PAHud, so I wanted to show my set up and explain it to those interested.

Here is my current set-up for the 6 max tables at Full Tilt.

Link to a bigger version of this pic (Not sure why you cant click on it and see bigger version)

I based a lot this off of FruityPro's setup from CardRunners (sadly, it seems he doesn't play much poker any more these days). As you can see, I have a lot of information out there. One thing that I really like, and that I think is really important, is to color code the numbers. PAHud gives you the option to assign a color to ranges in each stats. For example, anyone who has a VP$IP less than 15% gets purple. Red is between 15% and 22%, Orange between 22% and 30%, Yellow between 30% and 40%, and Green above 40%.

The first row are the two most important, VP$IP (Voluntarily put Money in Pot) and PFR% (Pre-Flop Raise Percentage) I classify a NIT as being 16/13 and lower. A Standard good LAG at the stakes I play is 27/23 - 24/21. These are typically the players I like to stay away from. There are hardly any good LAGs at 100NL, and a few at 200NL. You will find some some so-called "LAGs" even looser than that, but I think once you start getting above 27/23, you turn into a LAGtard. I seek out the players that have VP$IP of greater than 40%. A table with at least two people with VP$IP above 40 is an awesome table.

Second row is Total Aggression Factor and Total Hands. A Total Aggression of less than 1.0 is a calling station. Greater than 4.0, and they are super aggressive. As far as total hands, I think once you have more than 1000 hands on someone, you can feel comfortable that the stats you are seeing are accurate.

Third row is Attempt to Steal Blinds and Fold BB to Steal. Someone who steals greater than 40%, I am going to 3-bet light from the Blinds. People with a number greater than 90% for the Fold BB to Steal are people I am stealing blinds from any time it is folded to me in the CO or button.

Fourth Row is Fold to Continuation Bet, and Fold to Flop Bet. These are pretty much the same thing, and the numbers are usually similar. I don't use these too much (instead, I look at the 6th row numbers in regards to the flop). Obviously, you don't want to be betting the flop with air when someone has one of these numbers less than about 30%

Fifth Row is Continuation Bet % and Bet River Percentage. I don't rely on these stats too much. If someone continuation bets greater than 85% of the time, I may be more apt to check-raise them. If a TAG has this stats at below 50%, you can be pretty certain that they have something when they continuation bet. And if someone has a high Bet river percentage (like above 40%), then I may call down (Or raise) lighter on the river, or go for a check-raise if I am out of position.

Sixth Row is Call Continuation Bet and Raise Continuation Bet. These two stats are pretty important, and I am always looking at these. Since I play a TAG game at 6 max, I am usually the Pre-flop raiser if I am involved in the pot. So it is really important to see what players are more than likely to call and/or raise my continuation bets. If either of these numbers are above 20%, I proceed with caution. If someone has a really high Call C-bet %, I like to look at the "Fold to Turn Bet" stat in the pop up window when hovering over their name. This can tell me how often they call a c-bet, and then fold to a 2nd barrel. I run into a lot of players like this. I guess you can call this "floating". I'm not a big fan of floating, but one way of combating constant floaters is to stay aggressive on the turn.

One other hint I have learned about these numbers, is that every once in a while, I will see a player who sixth row stats are zero, or very close to zero. What I have found, is that a lot of these players are the ones that will lead into you (or donk bet as some call it) quite a bit. If someone has a zero for these stats, but a pretty high aggression factor and they call your Pre-Flop Bet from the blinds, get ready to see a lead out donk bet. If they don't lead out, C-bet 100% of the time, and you will take it down.

Seventh Row is Won When Saw Flop Percentage, and BB/100. A good TAG/LAG regular will have this stat around 40%. If you see someone with above 50%, they are super duper aggressive. Almost maniacal. And with BB/100, it is always nice to see who the winners and losers are.

In the bottom left corner there are two numbers which you see (15.8 and 15.8 respectively). Those are my VP$IP and PFR% numbers at that particular table. I think it is really important to know what your stats are on that table to get a feel for what the other players may think about you. If you have only played one hand in the 20 hands you've been at the table, everyone there is going to think you are a NIT. When you are playing multiple tables, you may not realize how tight or loose you are playing at one table, so having this out there is important.

Upper left is the table stats. Average VP$IP, Average PFR%, and Average Pot. When searching for a table, I very rarely sit at a table with less than 30% for VP$IP. If I'm playing during slow times, I'll play at tables as low as 27%. But once that average gets down to 24 %, I'm leaving.

There you have it. If anyone would like a copy of my set-up file and import into their PAHud, just let me know. I'm really interested to hear what other people think about this set-up. Feel free to link me up so that I can get tons of feedback on this, since something like this can really improve everyones (and my) poker game.

I need to do some more research on Hold 'em Manager and the new Poker Tracker 3. One stat that I think is really relevant in these games is 3-bet percentage. Right now, I can't see that stat. But I know in Hold 'em Manager you can. I may give it a try once all the bugs are ironed out.


So last night, I sat down to play a little bit. I wasn't quite in the mood to play, but I wanted to get a nice picture of my set-up with me sitting at the table and some of my stats in the lower left hand corner. I played about 150 hands and lost three frickin buy-ins at 200NL. Awesome. I lost a huge pot where I had a huge draw and a lot of fold equity. He had the one and only hand (bottom set) that he can call with. And then I miss my draw. Then I lost AA vs AQ all-in on a KQx flop. Then lost QQ vs AA all-in PF against an agro LAG. Why do these LAGs always have a hand when I get one too and play back at them? I didn't play any more that night, even when I had a free hour. M-E-G-A T-I-L-T.


I'm heading over to OhCaptain's house tonight for some home game fun. I haven't met OhCaptain yet, and it turns out he lives just a mile away. So that's pretty cool that another poker blogger lives so close to me. It will be fun to see the look on his face when the 7' 1", 320 lb PokerFool shows up at his door. I take up two spots at a poker table, just to let you know :)


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At 11:24 PM , Anonymous NumbBono said...

I wouldn't mind "borrowing" your setup files for this. I'm playing around with PAHUD right now, trying to find a setup that works for me, and your's looks pretty good.

You can get me at numbbono (at) donkeysdraw (dot) com



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