Friday, March 07, 2008

Feruary 2008 Results and Lifetime Graph

February was another decent month. Not my best month ever, but close again. I was up $2500 at one point, but only finished at +$1800 or so. I only put in 12,000 cash game hands in the month, and when you figure that I put in half of that the first week, that is pretty pathetic :)

Grand Total: +$1,847.83

Cash Games: +1,247.40
  • 100NL 6 max: +$398.60 (4001 hands @ 9.96 BB/100)
  • 200NL 6 max: +$512.95 (7523 hands @ 3.41 BB/100)
  • 400NL 6 max: +$410.40 (234 hands @ 43.85 BB/100)
MTTs/SNGs: +$168.83

Rakeback: +$387.00

Bonus: +$75.00

Here are the cash game graph and stats

Damn, I sure played Nitty at 200NL. I need to loosen up.

I'm posting my lifetime graph because I recently passed another milestone: 30 G's. Not too shabby for a donkey, huh? I deposited my first money online back in June of 2005, so almost three years of playing online.

I described my play a few months back as being, "Break even with an occasional hot streak". Ain't that the truth? If you look at the last seven months , there are three distinct break even stretches, and two huge up swings. WTF? I'll take it I guess. I sure am glad there aren't any huge down swings.


And on a personal note, I am officially sick of the winter. Woke up this morning and it was -5 degrees outside. For cripes sake it's the middle of March!!!! Then I heard on the radio that we have had 100 straight days of having snow on the ground. I hate winters. Hate hate hate.

Let's hope it warms up soon.




At 2:06 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...'s not exactly the "middle of March", more like the beginning, but I do agree with you...holy cow, this is getting ridiculous. I do sincerly want global warming back.

When you giving lessons? My cash game sucks!


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