Monday, June 12, 2006

3 Day Winning Streak!

I haven't posted in a while, because Thursday and Friday morning were the same old thing as earlier in the week. And I resisted the temptation to tell more bad beat stories. I didn't want to have to owe all of you a dollar. But, things have turned around finally. I have had four winning sessions in a row going back to Friday afternoon. Up about $450 in that time period, mostly at 100NL, with a few 200NL tables. Almost back to 10G's

I'm running pretty good over at BoDog, having more than doubled my initial deposit of $500. I also deposited over at Hollywood Poker, which is an OnGame network site (Same as PokerRoom). They have a nice 5x $200 bonus going on, which translates to better than 100% rakeback at full ring NL tables. Too bad I can't win there. I'm down about $200. People keep flopping sets against me. If it wasn't for those 3 or 4 hands where this has happened, I would be up. I'll be glad when that bonus is done. I'm not a big fan of the software. And most players are pretty tight. Why play at a rockfest like the OnGame network when you can play with the crazy loose maniacs at Party, Tribeca, Pacific, BoDog and B2B?

I'm going to try and play at night one time this week and get some MTTs in. I still have the 135 tournament credits at BoDog that I should use. I would have loved to use them this weekend in BoDog's WSOP MTTs, as the overlay in them were HUGE! $67.50 to enter running almost every hour, with at least one guaranteed Main Event package each, and most were struggling to get to 60 or 70 people! That is like a $7500 overlay! More than $100 per person. And I could have entered two for free!

I also have a Party Poker bonus to claim, so I'll be playing there some soon too.



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