Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3 Day Losing Streak

How did I follow up my best poker day ever on Sunday? With my two worst poker days ever. Yep, two of the last three days saw me have my biggest losses ever. Even with my big $600 win, I am down a few bucks this week, though up a little when you consider bonuses (Oh, and the number of sets the last 3 days = 0). And again, my demise today was one big hand. Aces to be exact, and I played them like a donk and couldn't let go of my pretty aces on a very scary flop. I was a 92/8 favorite before the flop, but the dude flopped the nut straight. My god I played it bad. I called his big pot bet on the river because the turn and river paired, and I figured that it was possible he had KQ for two pair, and I would have won with a higher two pair. I am really surprised he threw out such a big river bet, considering that the river pairing the board gave a set on the flop a full house, and I definitely was representing a high pocket pair. So KK, QQ, JJ would have won the pot.

Oh well. Live and Learn.

I think I might go back to my bread and butter game of 100NL 6 max. I seem to do really well playing the aggressive game that 6 max lets me play.

Also of note, I just got an awesome bonus from BoDog. I hadn't played there for a while, but was thinking of going back there soon, but I got an e-mail yesterday saying that if I deposited $100, I would get 125 Tournament credits! Wow. Now I can play quite a few free MTTs there. Thank you BoDog! If you have a BoDog account, and haven't played there in a while, check your e-mail. You may have this bonus too.

Good luck!


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