Thursday, November 06, 2008

October Results

What's happening folks? Not much here. I'm getting over another cold, even though it's been in the 70's up here in Minnesota. What's up with that?

I've played a decent amount of poker lately, but just haven't felt like writing about it. October ended up being my best month ever in terms of cash game play. Actually, it was twice as good as my previous best month.

And, I finally got in more than 10,000 hands! I haven't done that since May or June!

I played in FTOPS Event #1 last night. I couldn't really get anything going. I had an average chip stack during hour 2, then ran into AA with QQ to knock me down. Then I built my way back up to average, but couldn't hit anything during hour 3. My best hand was QQ (Twice, the other time I was against another QQ and we chopped). I got AK once and 3-bet with it, and my c-bet got raised on a T high flop, so I had to let that go. I eventually got knocked out when I pushed my 10BB stack with pocket 4's and got called by JT. Huh? Oh well.

Nothing else to report from the MTT side of things. I haven't played too many of them. I went deep in the $10 PokerStars Rebuy a couple weeks back, but only made $150 from that when I busted around 40th place or so.




At 9:51 PM , Blogger OhCaptain said...

Welcome back and that's a really nice looking graph.


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